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KM Soltec vince per il secondo anno di fila il premio Eccellenza dell'Anno a Le Fonti Awards
on gen 2, 2024 | by Martina Vaggi
Resistive or capacitive touch screen monitor or panel PC? Which is more suitable for work glove users?
When it comes to resistive or capacitive panel PCs, there is still little knowledge about the differences between the...
on dic 14, 2023 | by Marco Venturi
[Case Study]: 27 Panel PCs delivered in a single month to a multinational company
A multinational company based in Italy decided to rely on KM Soltec for the purchase of 27 Panel PCs with Industry 4.0.
on dic 4, 2023 | by Marco Venturi

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KM Soltec awarded Excellence of the Year at the Le Fonti Awards 2022

Posted on: giu 1, 2022 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: News

Our company is Excellence of the Year in the Industrial IT Solutions category of the Le Fonti Awards 2022.

[News] Kimera Computers: l'evoluzione dei pc industriali by KM Soltec

Posted on: apr 8, 2019 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: News

[News] Risoluzione video 8K: l'evoluzione video non si ferma

Posted on: nov 15, 2018 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: News, Approfondimenti

KM Soltec: Partner Intel Gold per tutto il 2018

Posted on: dic 10, 2017 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: News

Stop ai cavi OTG per collegare un ricevitore GPS al vostro dispositivo mobile

Posted on: lug 26, 2017 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: News