Ricevitore GNSS GPS u-blox NEO-6P NL-6004P MD6 per esterni Visualizza ingrandito

Ricevitore GNSS GPS u-blox NEO-6P NL-6004P MD6 per esterni



Ricevitore GPS u-blox NEO-6P NL-6004P MD6 per esterni

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The GPS receiver based on u-blox 6 NEO-6P module works very precise and it is ideal for positioning tasks because of the integrated PPP (Point Positioning Precision) function. PPP combined with SBAS allows high-precision applications in surveying, maritime and agriculture (precision farming). The MD6 universal connector enables the connection of optional USB or serial connecting cables. The NL-6004P GPS receiver can be installed onto different vehicle roofs (car, truck, bus etc.) by using the included installation material. Thus it can perfectly fit into the vehicle concept, due to its design.

• Module: u-blox NEO-6P
• PPP (Precision Point Positioning)
• Hybrid chipset for GPS / SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS)
• GPS receiver with MD6 Navilock plug
  (USB or serial cable are optional available)
• Integrated anti-jamming technology
• Integrated A-GPS technology with AssistNow online
• Internal patch antenna
• Frequency: L1, 1575,42 MHz
• Central fastening screw thread with cable leading from the middle
• Accepts the signals of up to 50 satellites at the same time
• Supports NMEA 0183 protocols: GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GLL
• Auto Baud Rate up to 115200 bps (default 38400 bps)
• Update rate: up to 1 Hz
• Datum: WGS 84
• Sensibility max. –160 dBm
• Water-proof housing (IPX7)
• Power consumption: 60 mA @ 5 V
• Operating temperature: -20 °C to +65 °C
• Cold start in ca. 38 seconds
• Hot start in ca. 1 second
• Cable length: ca. 5 m
• Positioning accuracy: 
            GPS:                  2,5 m
            SBAS:                2,0 m
            SBAS + PPP:     < 1 m (2D, R50)
            SBAS + PPP:     < 2 m (3D, R50)
            Demonstrated under following conditions: 24 hours, stationary,
  first 600 seconds of data discarded. HDOP < 1.5 during measurement
  period, strong signals. Continuous availability of valid SBAS correction
  data during full test period.
• Dimensions (Ø x H without screw thread): ca. 62 mm x 21 mm
• Power supply: 5 V via PS/2 or USB

System requirements 
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/CE, Windows Mobile 4/5/6, Mac, Linux 2.4.x
• MD6 connection cable

Package content 
• NL-6004P receiver
• Installation material

• Box 


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GPS u-blox NEO 6P

Ho acquistato il ricevitore GPS u-blox NEO 6P per effettuare alcune rilevazioni in campo, cercando di avere una accuratezza migliore rispetto ai normali gps da outdoor ed ho trovato in questo prodotto una valida soluzione. Il gps si interfaccia con un normale tablet con S.O. Windows 8.1 sul quale ho installato un noto programma open source GIS per l'acquisizione dei dati e la relativa mappatura. Dai primi test effettuati, configurando secondo quanto riportato nel manuale, le specifiche relative alla precisione sono rispettate. Unica segnalazione per la connessione con dispositivi dotati di micro-usb consiglio l'utilizzo di un cavo OTG.

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Ricevitore GNSS GPS u-blox NEO-6P NL-6004P MD6 per esterni

Ricevitore GNSS GPS u-blox NEO-6P NL-6004P MD6 per esterni

Ricevitore GPS u-blox NEO-6P NL-6004P MD6 per esterni

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